May 29, 2023
85 Syrian students were hosted in Mardin 85 Syrian students were hosted in Mardin

85 Syrian students were hosted in Mardin

In cooperation with the Turkish Armed Forces and Mardin Provincial Directorate of National Education, 85 students from the Peace Spring operation area were brought to Mardin and a clothing aid, food and entertainment program was organized.

MARDİN (İGFA) – In cooperation with the 49th Commando Brigade Command and Mardin Provincial Directorate of National Education working in the Barış Pınarı operation zone, various activities were carried out for children who were victimized by the war in their countries. 75 students from Syria were hosted in Mardin.

Syrian students, who were given a lunch at Evliya Çelebi Vocational Technical High School with the aid of clothing, and then an entertainment program was organized for the students on the Artuklu University campus. Then gifts were distributed to the students. Afterwards, Syrian children who were taken to the Fairy tale house were told stories in Arabic.

Mardin Provincial Director of National Education Memet Polat said that they were happy to host Syrian students in Mardin and said, “We recruited our 85 students and 6 teachers from Syria. We ensured our students’ dressing up. We provided stationery support. We spent a whole day of fun with them. We listened to fairy tales with the students in the fairy tale house. We had a happy day for Syrian students who were victims of war. We felt like we were with them. Thanks to the 49th Commando Brigade Command, serving in the Peace Spring operation area, helped us in this regard. I thank them. We will endeavor to do such activities whenever possible ”.

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