December 5, 2023
6th year without Yaşar Kemal 6th year without Yaşar Kemal

6th year without Yaşar Kemal

6 years have passed since the death of Yaşar Kemal, the prominent name of Turkish literature.

ISTANBUL (İGFA) – As a legacy, 26 novels, 11 essays, 9 interviews, 2 stories and poetry. Yaşar Kemal, who left a work and whose real name is Kemal Sadık Gökçeli, was born on October 6, 1923. The master writer lost his right eye as a result of an accident at a young age and started writing when he was 8 years old.


Kemal, who moved to Istanbul in 1951, said, “Yaşar Kemal ”until 1963, he wrote anecdotes and interviews in Cumhuriyet newspaper. 9 works of Yaşar Kemal, including “İnce Memed”, were transferred to the cinema and many of his works were adapted to the theater. Although Yaşar Kemal was nominated for the Nobel several times, first in 1973, he could not win the Nobel Prize.

He passed away at the age of 92

Yaşar Kemal, respiratory He died at the age of 92 on February 28, 2015, due to multiple organ failure and heart rhythm disorder, and was buried in Zincirlikuyu Cemetery.

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