December 5, 2023
55 years of unending love 55 years of unending love

55 years of unending love

Radio and television master Ekrem Sevim’s life and craft were discussed within the scope of the “Living Treasures of Iznik” documentaries launched by Iznik Municipality last year.

BURSA (İGFA) – The lives of the masters of handicrafts and those who have overcome half a century in their profession continue to be documented within the scope of the “Living Treasures of Iznik” project of Iznik Municipality Press and Public Relations Unit. In this context, Radio and Television Master Ekrem Sevim (69) has been continuing his profession with love for 55 years since 1966 with his craft.

Ekrem Sevim, born in 1952 in the Ömerli District of Iznik, , { 4} explaining the historical development of radio and television expertise, “When I first started this profession in 1966, we started with radios. At that time I had started with the first telecast in 1968 apprenticeships yapıyordum.türkiye TRT. After television broadcasts started, Istanbul Technical University was also making television broadcasts. Over time, the sector developed into radio, tube televisions, plasma and LCD screens. We were able to make repairs and changes by intervening at every point in the repair of tube televisions. It is difficult to keep up with changing technology today. In my 55 years of professional life, I have never turned the door without seeing any of my clients. The secret of success in your job is to be straightforward. ”

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