December 5, 2023
45-year-old Yozgat Stadium collapsing 45-year-old Yozgat Stadium collapsing

45-year-old Yozgat Stadium collapsing

The demolition of the 45-year-old City Stadium of Yozgat has begun. The Ministry of Youth and Sports initially allocated 28 million lira to the Yozgat Governorship for the demolition and construction of the Yozgat Stadium, which was founded 60 years ago and whose construction took 16 years. Instead, a new stadium with a capacity of 15 thousand people will be built.

YOZGAT (İGFA) – The demolition of Yozgat Stadium, which also hosted big clubs during the period Yozgatspor was running in the 1st League, started. During the demolition works of the 45-year-old city stadium in the city center, the stands of the stadium will be demolished.


Yozgat Youth and Sports Provincial Director Rasim Parlak said that all He said that the new city stadium, which will cost approximately 42 million liras with its venues, lighting system and grass field to be renewed, will also include social facilities and a shopping center on the side facing Sivas Street. Stating that the stadium will turn into a modern stadium where grandstands will be built on 4 sides, Director Parlak noted that Yozgat’s new stadium will be built with a capacity of 15 thousand spectators. Director Parlak added that Yozgatspor, the second group representative of Yozgat in the 3rd League, will play their matches at Sorgun Football Field until the completion of the City Stadium.

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