April 2, 2023
40 million TL from DİKA for Youth Employment Project 40 million TL from DİKA for Youth Employment Project

40 million TL from DİKA for Youth Employment Project

‘Entrepreneurship Training for the Manufacturing Sector’ project started within the scope of the Youth Employment Project, one of the many projects jointly organized between Dicle Development Agency and Mardin Artuklu University.

MARDİN (İGFA) – New In order to cope better with the difficulties of establishing a business, to equip young entrepreneurs with knowledge and tools, to help entrepreneurs to grow and be successful, to support the motivation and proactivity that are very important for entrepreneurs, entrepreneurship trainings for the service and manufacturing sector started to be held in Mardin. }

Stating that within the framework of the new vision of Mardin Artuklu University, strategic plans were developed to increase employment and increase the opportunities of students to find a job after graduation, Rector Prof. Dr. İbrahim Özcoşar; “Within the scope of the Encouragement of Young Employment Project, we care about practicing the theoretical knowledge by providing technical support to students and raising entrepreneur-equipped individuals who have a command of the business field.”

DİKA Secretary General Ahmet Alanlı also said that they have started to work to support young employment as of June 2020, and said that they need a close cooperation in order to be successful at every stage of the project, which will last for 3 years, Applied Entrepreneurship Training Young Employment Project

Applied entrepreneurship training will last for two weeks. In the first week of the training, classical entrepreneurship training will be given, in the second week, innovative, medium-high / advanced technology sectors and entrepreneurs who will operate in the manufacturing sector, networking, Determining and Managing the Financial Structure of the Enterprise, Access to Financial Resources for New Enterprises, Innovation / Innovation Management, Growth Process Management and Growth Strategies, Intellectual Property Rights, Business Plan development etc. Including the subjects, information will be studied on the subjects they may need in this field.

At least 2 thousand university students are expected to attend the meetings.

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