May 31, 2023
40 caves should be brought to Mardin tourism 40 caves should be brought to Mardin tourism

40 caves should be brought to Mardin tourism

Mardin, which has become one of the important tourism centers in recent years within the scope of culture and belief tourism, now stands out with natural cave tourism.

MARDİN (İGFA) – Citizens each millions of years He wants the historical natural caves to be brought into tourism.

Researcher and author İbrahim Yüksel stated that the ancient caves in the 7 thousand-year-old historical city should be brought into tourism, saying, “The authorities in Mardin, which is one of the few tourism cities of the world with its rich cultures and historical texture, are Stating that the tourism potential of Mardin will increase further, Yüksel said, “There are hundreds of historical caves in Mardin, which has become a star in recent years with religious tourism. Numerous caves have been discovered in the city center and districts. There are over 40 caves. It carries the traces of very important dates in caves dating back to thousands of years. There is history on Mardin and history under it. It is necessary to introduce this richness to the world as soon as possible. ”


Until 2 years ago, Mardin was visited by an average of 3 million local and foreign tourists a year. Emphasizing Yüksel, ”however, tourism in Mardin was also affected by the andem. However, it is very important to prepare alternative tourism projects in order to prepare Mardin tourism for the future. One of them is to revive cave tourism. With the end of the pandemic, there will be a liveliness in Mardin tourism. With the initiation of cave tourism, I believe that 4 to 5 million local and foreign tourists come to Mardin. On the other hand, caves are a separate trip for nature lovers. There are 40 caves in Mardin. Caves go under the city and go up to the castle. There are approximately 4-5 km long historical caves. Thousands of years ago these caves were used by humans. We, bringing these caves to tourism will provide great profit to Mardin both in terms of economy and employment.


Mardin Aslan Cave, Gızzelin Cave (Thread Weaving), Midyat Linveyri Şifa Cave, Mardin Şakolin and Firiye, Midyat There are Kefilsannur, Midyat Şenköy Kefilmelep, Kefilmardin, Midyat Prison, Midyat Tınat, Savur Kıllıt, Kızıltepe Hanika and Salah, Nusaybin Hessinmeryem and Sercahan, Mazıdağı Gümüşyuva and Avrıhan, Derik Derinsu, Dırkıp, Haramiye caves. İplik Cave: Located in the lower part of the Mardin city center, Ensar District, about 60 intertwined caves were used as yarn manufacturing facilities in ancient times.


“Aşağımitvan Caves, Baskaya Caves, Berraha Cave, Çibbilraz Cave, Çile Caves, Davrik Cave, Safer Caves, Han Caves, Hatun Cave, Hemi Cave, Kafilmardin Cave, Katır Caves, Kırkdirek Cave, Kırkdirek Cave, Safa Muhammedi Cave, Peshera Kutra Caves ”

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