April 1, 2023


A new strategy is essential in combating leakage

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktaş stated that while 45 thousand 340 illegal buildings were detected in the last 15 years in Bursa, the figures reached alarming dimensions. stated that all municipalities should develop a new strategy by considering the fight against illegal structure as an investment title.

In the October Council Meeting of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, all council members were informed about the fight against illegal structures in Bursa. In the presentation made by Feridun Tarım, Head of the Metropolitan Municipality Department of Development and Urban Planning, the illegal building figures covering the last 15 years were revealed. Reminding that Bursa’s population of 2 million 500 thousand in 2008 increased to 3 million 56 thousand at the end of 2019, Tarım reminded that a population of around 3 million 850 thousand is predicted in 2035. It was emphasized that Bursa, which has seen a population increase of 20 percent in the last 15 years, is expected to increase by 28 percent in the next 15 years, but if the necessary measures are not taken, Bursa may face a faster illegal housing.


With the inspections carried out by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality and 17 district municipalities, 45 thousand 370 illegal buildings were detected in the 15 years between 2004-2020. While the number of buildings for which Building Registration Certificate was obtained with the Reconstruction Peace was 109 thousand 826, the certificate of 30 thousand 98 buildings was canceled due to reasons such as false declaration and not paying the money. Again, in the examinations made by the Metropolitan Municipality on 404 thousand 977 buildings with Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, 26 thousand 857 times increase was determined. Between 2018 and 2020, 7816 illegal structures were detected, of which only 931 were destroyed. While the rate of destruction in illegal construction remained at 12 percent, within the same period, 2050 in Yıldırım, 1444 in Osmangazi, 970 in İnegöl, 718 in Nilüfer, 543 in Mudanya, 540 in Gemlik, 510 in Gürsu, 463 in Kestel, Orhangazi There were 204 illegal buildings in Turkey, 154 in Iznik, 113 in Karacabey, 49 in Yenişehir, 13 in Keles, 12 in Orhaneli, 8 in Büyükorhan and 5 in Mustafakemalpaşa. The only district in which illegal buildings were not seen was Harmancık.


Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktaş stated that the authority of demolition in illegal buildings primarily belongs to the district municipalities. He reminded that they support district municipalities for the demolition of the illegal building. Reminding the meeting held on September 23 with the participation of all district governors on combating illegal housing under the chairmanship of Bursa Governor Yakup Canbolat, Mayor Aktaş said, “Our aim is to demonstrate this determination in 17 districts. There is an approach to the point that Yıldırım, Kestel and Yenişehir are determined but we need to be more determined. We must have a strategy for demolishing the illegal structure. The responsibility is primarily in the districts, but we can provide machine equipment support. All of our friends should be sensitive to the subject such as the title of a project, as well as the investment title. If this city will grow healthier, if it will grow in quality, we all have responsibilities. Our governor gave a blank check at the security gendarmerie point. Looseness in this matter can lead to more abuse, especially during the election period. There are such landscapes that sprouts are placed, covered with soil, official elections are expected. Especially the numbers during the election periods are scary. ”

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