May 29, 2023
112 saplings from Aydın 112 112 saplings from Aydın 112

112 saplings from Aydın 112

Aydın 112 Emergency Call Center brought thousands of saplings to the soil as part of the 112 Day.


Within the scope of the sapling event, 30 personnel brought 112 cypress saplings to the soil. The first sapling was planted by Aydın Deputy Governor Mustafa Hulusi Arat in the sapling planting event held in Emine Erdoğan Memorial Forest. Day commemoration in Turkey as well as all 112 staff in planting seedlings Aydin said he wrote, “I hope this event occurs every year thousands of 112 commemorative forest continues,” he said. Expressing his happiness to bring the saplings from the Provincial Directorate of Forestry to the soil, Aydın 112 Emergency Call Center Manager Neşe Şahin thanked the participants.

On the other hand, Deputy Governor Mustafa Hulusi Arat, who presented cypress and rosemary saplings to the press personnel following the program, thanked for their participation.

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