September 27, 2023
11 trucks of aid materials were sent off from Sakarya 11 trucks of aid materials were sent off from Sakarya

11 trucks of aid materials were sent off from Sakarya

11 trucks of aid materials, organized in cooperation with Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality and Hayrat Foundation and prepared to be delivered to Idlib, Syria, were bid farewell from Democracy Square.

SAKARYA (IGFA) – 11 trucks of aid set out from Sakarya to Syria.

In the program organized in cooperation with the Metropolitan Municipality and the Charity Foundation, along with the Mayor Ekrem Yüce, Secretary General Mustafa Ak, SASKİ Deputy General Manager Ali Oktar, Advisors to the President Sinan Çileli, Mustafa Ak, Deputy Secretary General Ziya Cevherli, BELPAŞ General Manager Osman Çelik, Provincial Mufti Hasan Başiş, Hayrat Foundation Kocaeli Regional Representative Şükür Çakır, Hayrat Relief Foundation Sakarya Branch Head Üzeyir Cesur, metropolitan bureaucrats and benefactors attended. 3 trucks of potatoes, 3 trucks of onions, 3 trucks of food parcels, 1 truck of flour and 1 truck of water were prepared after 11 trucks of prayers.

Speaking in the program, Metropolitan Mayor Ekrem Yüce, contributing to the aid efforts Stating that it is essential, “Our brothers and sisters are in a difficult situation today. I would like to express my gratitude to the Hayrat Foundation, which has made such an organization to support our brothers and sisters ”. Stating that more than 3 thousand citizens in Sakarya deliver hot food to their homes every day, President Yüce said, “We have also added weight to our social work in order to consolidate our solidarity and brotherhood and achieve better tomorrows together. We will take new steps in the field of social municipality in a short time. On this occasion, I wish that our unity and solidarity will be permanent from my Lord, and I hope that our aid trucks will meet the needs of our oppressed and aggrieved brothers. “

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