December 6, 2023


Business Metropolitan Municipality, which supports the project of “Let Anyone Who Doesn’t Know Swimming Stay” implemented by the Ministry of Youth and Sports, with the ‘Happy Pools Happy Children’ project, established portable swimming pools at 7 points in 7 districts, including Orhangazi. He gave swimming training to 10 thousand children.

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, Ministry of Youth and Sports, which has implemented many projects to bring sports to everyone, from 7 to 70, and to enable the new generation to spend their free time with sports. He also contributed to the “Let Anyone Who Can’t Swim Stay” project implemented by the ‘Cheerful Pools, Happy Children’ project. The Metropolitan Municipality, which has established portable swimming pools in 8 school gardens in 7 districts, including Osmangazi, Yıldırım, Nilüfer, Mustafakemalpaşa, Orhangazi, Mudanya and Yenişehir, between 5 July-25 August, approximately 10 thousand children in 3 different groups, between the ages of 6-13, accompanied by expert trainers. taught swimming. Within the scope of the project, besides swimming training, children were given intelligence games, visual arts, folk dances, mathematical skills, language and speech, disaster education, plant and flower cultivation and first aid training with the ‘I’m in the making’ project.

“Next year we will do it in more places”

The closing ceremony of the project was held at the Pilot Industry Primary School in Osmangazi. In the ceremony where the clown and illusion shows and the Irmak Şahin concert were given, the certificates were given to the participating children by the Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktaş. Stating that they have implemented different projects for the development of children, President Alinur Aktaş stated that swimming is a very valuable sport. Expressing that they carry out studies for children to have a pleasant time, Mayor Aktaş said, “We have been going through a very difficult process for 2 years. In this process, our children are very bored. He had to be confined to homes. As the Metropolitan Municipality, we have pools, but we have implemented the “Happy Pools, Happy Children” project for places that do not exist. It got a lot more attention than I expected. We will do this project in more places next year. More than 10 thousand children benefited from our pools. We must do everything we can for our children, who are our future. Your children should be interested in a sport or art. He should put his energy there. Such activities are very valuable in terms of the development of our children.”

President Aktaş, drawing attention to the importance of the development of children, who are our future, in order for cities to be safer, more cheerful and clean, said, “We all passed through the same ranks. The more we take care of our children, the brighter our future will be. The more accurate information we upload to them, the better managers of the future will be. No child is born with bad habits. The processes they go through in between make him a bad person. Our parents should not lose their love from their children. We should not leave them alone with a computer in their hands. Children should benefit from such activities. Investments will continue in the city, of course, but we must be able to make a change in minds as well.”

Bulent Altıntaş, the Bursa Provincial Director of National Education, who attended the ceremony, also thanked the Metropolitan Municipality, which carried out the project, and congratulated the children who participated in the training.

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