April 1, 2023
# 10 championship from ASU national wrestler # 10 championship from ASU national wrestler

# 10 championship from ASU national wrestler

Aksaray University (ASU) Rector Prof. Dr. Yusuf Şahin congratulated National Wrestler Rıza Kayaalp, who won the gold medal at the European Wrestling Championships held in Poland and won the 10th European Championship in his career.

AKSARAY (İGFA) – ASU graduate National Wrestler Rıza Kayaalp defeated his opponent with a score of 3-1 in the final of the European Wrestling Championship held in Warsaw, Poland.

Kayaalp completed the championship with a gold medal for the 10th time. He also developed his own record as the champion. ASU Rector Prof. Dr. Stating that each of them is valuable achievements, Yusuf Şahin congratulated the national athlete for his achievements, believing that he will add new ones to his records with the championship he will receive.

As it will be remembered, Rıza Kayaalp, who was on the mat in 130 kg Greco-Roman style, won his Ukrainian rival Aleksandr Chernetskyi in the first round of the championship. 1 beat Romanian rival Alin Alexuc 8-0 in the quarterfinals. Kayaalp, who pushed his first two opponents out of the mat with the number key, beat his German opponent Eduard Popp with the key 5-0 in the semi-final and reached the final by beating the key, and Rıza Kayaalp, who faced Georgian athlete Lakobi Kajaia in the final, won this match 3-1 and reached the championship. {2 }

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