September 27, 2023
1 million children met with sports in Bursa 1 million children met with sports in Bursa

1 million children met with sports in Bursa

The online “Sports and Exercise Workshop in Bursa” started to increase the number of athletes candidate for the Olympics in Bursa, to shape the future of sports and to offer solutions to problems with a common mind.

BURSA (İGFA) – Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktaş, who participated in the “Sports and Exercise Workshop in Bursa” organized by Uludağ University, stated that they took important steps to raise the new generation as a healthier and athlete, and in the last 4 years, nearly 1 million children with school sports activities. he said sports they meet.

the Metropolitan Municipality, healthier and more athletes Aktas President stating that they had taken important steps in a generation upbringing point, the young population in Turkey to promote sports in Bursa which is one of the busiest cities, from 7 to 70 ‘ e said that they increased the number of facilities in order to get everyone interested in sports activities. Noting that they are trying to bring functionality to the facilities, Mayor Aktaş said that the national and international success of our teams operating within Büyükşehir Belediyespor is a sign that we are making the right moves in our efforts to spread sports to the base and strengthen the infrastructure. ”

As the Metropolitan Municipality, nearly 120 sports Reminding that they brought their facility to Bursa, Mayor Aktaş emphasized that the municipal sports club is performing its activities in 21 different branches in 25 sports complexes
today. Aktaş explained that there were 51,706 licensed athletes, 1,642 active licensed athletes and 122 national athletes in many branches from swimming to wrestling, athletics to tennis, shooting to volleyball, basketball to karate

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