May 31, 2023
1 million 200 thousand liras for amateur sports in Denizli! 1 million 200 thousand liras for amateur sports in Denizli!

1 million 200 thousand liras for amateur sports in Denizli!

The Metropolitan Municipality, which continues to contribute to the development of future talents with the support it gives to amateur sports in Denizli, provided 1 million 200 thousand TL support to 117 sports clubs affiliated with the Federation of Amateur Sports Clubs.

DENİZLİ (IGFA) – Denizli Metropolitan Municipality continues to support amateur sports clubs that train the talents of the future and play a key role in the formation of a healthy young generation. In this context, a financial support program of 1 million 200 thousand TL was organized for 117 clubs affiliated to the Amateur Sports Clubs Federation (ASKF) across Denizli, which operates in 348 categories.

Speaking at the ceremony held at the Metropolitan Municipality Nihat Zeybekci Congress and Culture Center. ASKF President Feyyaz Ceşen said that they are lucky in Denizli as amateur sports. Youth Services and Sports Provincial Director Ahmet İbanoğlu thanked Denizli Metropolitan Municipality for their financial and moral support.

Reminding that there were many impossibilities in terms of sports facilities in Denizli in the past and matches were held in dusty and muddy fields, Denizli Metropolitan Municipality President Osman Zolan said, “Thank God many investments have been made today. As the Metropolitan Municipality, we have made good investments in terms of sports facilities. We have made many investments not only in football but also in other sports branches. We wanted our young people to engage in sports and become equipped. I want our young people to be interested in a sport, an art branch. In this way, we move our young people forward, they will be more successful than us. Therefore, whatever we need to do for our youth, we must do the most ”.

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